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Traces of erosion

Format: Digisleeve CD + download
Release Date: December 2017
Edition: 400
Digisleeve on 300gr paper
Poster 24x36cm on 250gr paper

  1. 0.0
  2. Desert
  3. Core
  4. Electrics Birds
  5. Rivers
  6. Oceans
  7. Animal Union
  8. Territory War
  9. Rebirth

0.0 from Bromo on Vimeo.

BROMO is born from the need to transmit a message through an apparently abstract speech. It’s an audiovisual art project by Paloma Peñarrubia y Azael Ferrer, created under documentary film codes. It analyzes the geographical, social, political, and environmental traces left on Earth.

So Traces of Erosion is a migratory journey in music and concept. One part 90s sci fi electronica, IDM, its synthetic textures wrapped by organic piano and string arrangements,surrounded by dark atmospheres and drones. Another part desolate landscapes, dissecting the elements of an unforseeable future, making hopeful spaces that rise and fall under our feet.

BROMO’s first single 0.0, gives a general overview activating alarm signals, while a speech warns of a future that is already present; Territory War launches a big question: Are we part of an unequal interspecies struggle or a plague? Rebirth has the answer, and the solution is us: clear our own footprint.

Traces of erosion is published by Oigovisiones Label in collaboration with Bromo. Art and design of this edition made by Elsa Paricio. Record mastering by  Julian Calvo Orquiz aka Multiman.

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