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Ltd. Bundle Grains + Grains [Remixes & Visuals]


Format: K7+USB-Card/Digital
Release Date: December 2021
Ltd. Edition: 7 bundles
Original Grains
Cassette C60 Black reel smoke.
Cover on 250gr Materica Gesso cardboard
8Gb Screen-printed USB-Card
Anti-static protective bag with sticker
Hand-cutted & hand-assembled 

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SKU: OV·16B.
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Limited bundle to 7 joining together Grains & Grains [Remixes & Visuals]. Co-edited by Sevendipia Records & Oigovisiones Label.

Grains (7DOV005) & Grains [Remixes & Visuals] (7D|OV·16) is a round-trip journey driven by Chinowski Garachana in collaboration with Barcelona label Sevendipia Records and Oigovisiones Label.

Teslaradio aka Chinowski Garachana and a plethora of collaborators conspire on Grains as an adventure from granular synthesis to noise & viceversa. Encapsulated grains explode, unite, copulate and ride impossible wavelengths in a new Deux Ex Maquina that arises when logic loses the battle against the intangible.

With Grains [Remixes & Visuals), Teslaradio offers us back another impressive collaborative exercise that brings together more than 20 artists, among remixers and visualists of the national experimental scene.

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