Moedular 2023

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26 junio
NUDO Multitask Artist & Friend · C/S Comp#3 Art direction NUDO is... Moedular. Longtime friend and OV collaborator The Lacemaker
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Juanlu Barlow
21 junio
Juanlu Barlow Frantic musician · C/S Comp#3 Collab Juanlu Barlow is... Moedular. Old & beloved friend Juanlu is an frantic
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thierry massard
24 mayo
thierry massard No nothing · C/S Comp#3 Collab thierry massard is... Moedular. thierry is a not-so-old AMIGO, we have not
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Emilio Mula
17 mayo
Emilio Mula Multidisciplinary Artist · C/S Comp#3 Collab Emilio Mula is... Moedular. Emilio is a multidiciplinary artist based in UK.
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Fran Barrionuevo
11 mayo
Fran Barrionuevo Graphic designer / Collagist / Astigmatig Photographer · C/S Comp#3 Collab Fran Barrionuevo is... Moedular. Our dear Fran(sy)
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Mara B. Stones
9 mayo
Mara B. Stones Magical / Spiritual Videography · C/S Comp#3 Collab Mara B. Stones is... Moedular. Mara is a haunter
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TJ Norris
4 mayo
TJ Norris Multidisciplinary Artist · C/S Comp#3 Collab TJ Norris is… Modular. Norris is a multidisciplinary artist presently based in
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Rocío Verdejo
4 mayo
Rocío Verdejo Advertising creative / Photographer · C/S Comp#3 Collab Rocío Verdejo is... Moedular. Rocío is an advertising creative directress
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Tomás Gris/David Area
15 marzo
David Area / Tomás GrisDavid Area / Tomás Gris Sound artists / Ex-Nihilo Records / Label Curated Edition David Area
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Nikka Bionikka
22 noviembre
Nikka Bionikka Noi(she) Edition Curator Nikka Bionikka is... Moedular. She walks through lanscapes and abstract compositions where darkness, noise and
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