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Julián Calvo Orquín
29 diciembre
Julián Calvo OrquínJulián Calvo Orquín Maledictis/Multiman/Mix & Mastering Services Julián is... Moedular. Julian is a versatile producer, inventor and sound
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kitty soul Oigovisiones Label Moedular
kitty soul
11 enero
kitty soul OV Label Head Manager kitty soul is…Moedular. kitty soul is OV Label head manager, Dj since late 90’s
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the lacemaker
27 diciembre
The Lacemaker Graphic Designer/MOEDULAR Fanzine layout/Art Edition The Lacemaker is... Moedular. He works as creative & graphic designer with OV
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Rubén Suárez
25 noviembre
Rubén Suárez Ingeniero de sonido/OV's Second Ear/Mastering services Rubén is an audio engineer and record producer with more than 20
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